Human interaction and architecture go hand in hand, it takes a seasoned designer to understand how important all of the design elements are and how the creative whole effects all of our senses to create a homogenous atmosphere.

'Creating Ambiance' is our company's vision and it applies to everything we do. We believe in the sensorial qualities that a space transmits and are passionate in bringing our expertise in lighting, acoustics and audiovisual design to improve the way people experience architecture. With the addition of our Artificial Intelligence design studio the future is bright.


Light up the mood

We embrace the challenge of crafting inspiring lighting designs that reflect our primary mission of supporting architecture, interior design and affects the ambience of a space to enhance wellbeing. Lighting at WGC brings together art, science and technology. Our team of designers create innovative and sustainable concepts in light. We understand the interplay of structural form and lighting, and work with architects and artists to provide original conceptual designs. Our technical knowledge ensures that concepts become viable solutions.




Turn on the vibes

As a leader in acoustic consulting, WGC experts transform the experience of a creating a new environment into an exercise of functionality. From creating crystal clear concert halls to reducing the impact of noise and vibration in a hotel, WGC engineers thoughtfully affect the overall quality of any project. Our acoustics group have created many successful high-level reference quality studios and broadcasting facilities and have developed a culture to carry this discipline across to all of our projects especially those where excellent acoustics impacts humanity.



Connect technology with the environment

The audiovisual and multimedia studio merge technology and communication solutions for the ever-changing landscape. WGC offer the full spectrum of design services and are constantly developing new methods for creating a technology infrastructure that fuses best practices with forward thinking award-winning designs. Our audiovisual designs are featured in professional studios, hotels and entertainment venues to commercial and residential developments.




Empower human wellbeing with connectivity

The Internet of Things has improved society for the better and at the same time enhanced the security risks for everyone. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, IT & Security systems design and infrastructure can simply be implemented to safeguard children at school, provide peace of mind for hospital patients or help reduce operating costs for corporations.




architectural lighting design


We immerse our designs with the direction of our clients and help to create the core attributes of an architectural project. By providing full artistic and innovative details to bring forth the intention of any architectural creation.

Every undertaken project presents different challenges and they require special attention, giving room for innovative and creative design. Lighting design boils down to the balance of art, science and business sensibility. It depends on a designer's ability to turn a possibility into reality. Lighting is a breath of fresh air that breathes life into any space.


Interior lighting: 

Good lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Different types of space need a variety of lighting: ambient or background lighting, task lighting for close-up work or accent lighting to highlight special features. Professionally-designed lighting can always be an upgrade and build an ambiance that compliments interior design intent. 





Facade lighting:

Professional façade lighting is a key component of the external appearance of commercial architecture.  Facade lighting highlights special features of the architecture and, if done right, turns buildings into genuine landmarks. Integration of technologies such as dynamic colored LEDs, video walls, contour lighting help create impressive effects giving buildings their own character and make them an attractive addition to the cityscape, both day and night. 

Landscape lighting:

Great landscape lighting design is undertaken with the consideration of many different facets - beauty, functionality, safety, security, energy efficiency and environment. Light application techniques are important to build a balance and create dimension to the overall atmosphere of the buildings.


Feasibility Studies

Architectural Acoustics: Central to the atmosphere of a space is the way sound reacts to the materials and geometry chosen according to the architectural form and function. Technical support provided to architects and interior designers to incorporate the correct amount of helpful materials to achieve the best sounding spaces cost effectively.

Acoustic Studies and Predictive Simulations: Competent due diligence on a potential construction site or an architectural design in the form of detailed analysis reports including environmental studies to 3D heat maps of simulated sound and noise flow.

Industrial Noise Isolation: Cost effective schemes to use only the necessary amount of materials to guarantee isolation of noise and vibration and creative predictive analysis to foresee the effects of various types of materials on the outcome of a project. 


Bangkok University



Broadcasting and Recording Studios: The performance of a studio is a highly specialized design criteria that along side interior design and architecture can deliver break out quality spaces that deliver the clarity and isolation necessary for excellent broadcasting. Recording studios require precision acoustics that enable the audio and video engineers pristine sound which allows them to prepare music and visual content with highly predictable and translatable characteristics.



Performance Spaces

Ballrooms, convention halls, multi-purpose spaces: Multiple technical disciplines are applied to create optimal systems. Combining audio systems, acoustics and visual systems into a coherent and easy-to-use facility is best suited to a design studio such as WGC that encompasses all of the technicians and designers to insure all of the systems work in perfect harmony.

Theaters and Concert Halls: Unique environments where acoustics, audio systems and lighting become a large part of how the venue is experienced.  When a person in the first row can hear as well a person in the mezzanine we then know that we have achieved our goal of balanced sound that will be valued for lifespan of the venue.


High Performance Studios

Audio Mastering & Recording Studios: High performance critical listening studios are among our speciality. WGC has created many professional mastering rooms and recording studios for both the music industry as well as for post production and internet broadcasting facilities. Highly specialized treatment of the geometry of the studio and interior acoustic design will be implemented to achieve a balanced, functional and cohesive studio experience.

Broadcast Studios: A variety of simulations and integration of latest technology are used to develop the desired attributes for a specific type of studio from radio to TV, film and post production. The studios can then be measured at various times during the construction to see how well the build is coherent to the predictions. Continual predictive analysis and on site measurement are done over the course of many studio designs and builds to find the acoustic sweet spot.


      Interactive AudioVisual       Systems and Displays

Video Projection Mapping: Multi-level projection from small to large format 2D and 3D visual mapping combined with specialized content. This emerging technology allows the projection of images over large areas and various surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments and creates dramatic results.

Interactive Audiovisual Systems: Immersive designs including 3D mapping and motion sensing where program content manipulation can be made possible with a wide variety of engagement.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Displays: Creation of large format facade and indoor and outdoor visual displays that distribute content in a variety of formats and orientations. 


audiovisual for Hospitality  

Hotel and Resort Audiovisual: Design of in-room entertainment systems as well as all hotel area sound and visual systems including digital signage and information displays. WGC specialize in banquet and ballroom system design, featuring automated multi-room flexible spaces.

Conference, Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms: Technology application across the spectrum of video and interactive conferencing. Quality presentation systems with high investment return on equipment procurement.

Commercial Audiovisual: Sound systems for retail stores and F&B outlets as well as distribution of audio, video and digital signage in airports, mixed developments and outdoor podium areas.


Control Systems

Control systems ranging from lighting, smart building control to theatre and residential smart home automation as well as advanced motion sensing and occupancy monitoring with energy saving designs.



Tailored closed-circuit television systems equipped with facial recognition programming and biometric access control for private residences, offices and commercial buildings.

Artificial Intelligence +

Information technology & security


WGC’s Artificial Intelligence + Information Technology design and consulting services focus on the complete development of IT and security infrastructure for hospitality, healthcare and education sectors, specializing in unifying voice, data, video, storage and security with a forward thinking methodology and operational speed to meet future demands. Artificial Intelligence is being incrementally added to all our designs. In addition, we work in corporate IT as well as Data Centers helping our customers realize reduced cost and managing risk.



Hospitality is all about the guest experience and IT plays an important part in achieving the bandwidth to manage the property from guest room WiFi to back of house. Hotels need foresight to equip themselves with suitable cost-effective technologies that are not going to be outdated with the next wave of innovation and will continue to support the guest experience and hotel operational efficiency.






An array of advanced information communication technology solutions is available to improve patient care, keep operational costs in line and at the same time builds efficiency across a healthcare organization.

Intelligent hospital infrastructure enables healthcare management to stay competitive in terms of patient treatment, patient satisfaction and operating costs. Security and building management systems talk to one another to reduce the energy consumption in unoccupied rooms. Access control, infant tagging, CCTV and lighting work together to improve hospital security and safety. Building management, infection control, nurse call and patient entertainment systems are synchronized to create an optimal healing environment.


The integration of information technology in teaching and learning is a central matter in ensuring quality in the educational system.  Future ready schools and educational institutes embrace the advanced technologies from high-speed broadband to give student instant access to online educational resources, reliable wireless and wifi networks to support effective learning on mobile devices whether in group or long distant, audio-visual education tools including interactive whiteboards and digital screens to improve the quality of teaching and learning process. Benefits of IT deployment are not only limited in the classroom. Physical security systems such as access control and alarm management systems, intrusion detection, video security surveillance can be integrated in the school infrastructure to maintain high standard of safety and security for students.  

Systems design for corporate data centers requires expertise in IT infrastructures with a forward-thinking mindset and attention to detail.  We offer services including clean room design to match the centers data capacity, server rack design, cooling systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), traditional copper cabling and fibre as well as emergency fire systems.