Mega Bangna Retail Extension


The sheer size of MEGAbangna shopping complex is as large as a small town. Its central building is perceived as a downtown, whereas Food Walk (or Canal Walk) zone on the east wing is portrayed as countryside with more green area and canals. The new extension of retail zone located on the eastern periphery beyond the existing zone could then be conceptualized as a ‘Valley’, one of the most pleasant natural topography in which its intimate central space is enclosed by continuous frontage of lushly mountains.

The architectural concept of the new extension, ‘The Valley’, therefore derives from the geographic character of its metaphor. To create similar atmosphere to a natural valley, the layout of the new open-air mall is composed around a central courtyard space, in which a sunken plaza with an amphitheatre down below acts as a customers’ main social space for gathering and holding all kinds of events.



Location: Samut Prakan,Thailand

Size area: 16,000 sqm.

Building area: 50,000 sqm.

Client: SF Development Co., Ltd

Phase: Completed