Human interaction and architecture go hand in hand, it takes a seasoned designer to understand how important all of the design elements are and how the creative whole effects all of our senses to create a homogenous atmosphere.

'Creating Ambiance' is our company's vision and it applies to everything we do. We believe in the sensorial qualities that a space transmits and are passionate in bringing our expertise in lighting, acoustics and audiovisual design to improve the way people experience architecture.


Light up the mood

We embrace the challenge of crafting inspiring lighting designs that reflect our primary mission of supporting architecture, interior design and affects the ambience of a space to enhance wellbeing. Lighting at WGC brings together art, science and technology. Our team of designers create innovative and sustainable concepts in light. We understand the interplay of structural form and lighting, and work with architects and artists to provide original conceptual designs. Our technical knowledge ensures that concepts become viable solutions.




Turn on the vibes

As a leader in acoustic consulting, WGC experts transform the experience of a creating a new environment into an exercise of functionality. From creating crystal clear concert halls to reducing the impact of noise and vibration in a hotel, WGC engineers thoughtfully affect the overall quality of any project. Our acoustics group have created many successful high-level reference quality studios and broadcasting facilities and have developed a culture to carry this discipline across to all of our projects especially those where excellent acoustics impacts humanity.



Connect technology with the environment

The audiovisual and multimedia studio merge technology and communication solutions for the ever-changing landscape. WGC offer the full spectrum of design services and are constantly developing new methods for creating a technology infrastructure that fuses best practices with forward thinking award-winning designs. Our audiovisual designs are featured in professional studios, hotels and entertainment venues to commercial and residential developments.




Empower human wellbeing with connectivity

The Internet of Things has improved society for the better and at the same time enhanced the security risks for everyone. Our expertise in IT & Security systems design and infrastructure can simply be implemented to safeguard children at school, provide peace of mind for hospital patients or help reduce operating costs for corporations.