Artificial Intelligence +

Information technology & security


WGC’s Artificial Intelligence + Information Technology design and consulting services focus on the complete development of IT and security infrastructure for hospitality, healthcare and education sectors, specializing in unifying voice, data, video, storage and security with a forward thinking methodology and operational speed to meet future demands. Artificial Intelligence is being incrementally added to all our designs. In addition, we work in corporate IT as well as Data Centers helping our customers realize reduced cost and managing risk.



Hospitality is all about the guest experience and IT plays an important part in achieving the bandwidth to manage the property from guest room WiFi to back of house. Hotels need foresight to equip themselves with suitable cost-effective technologies that are not going to be outdated with the next wave of innovation and will continue to support the guest experience and hotel operational efficiency.






An array of advanced information communication technology solutions is available to improve patient care, keep operational costs in line and at the same time builds efficiency across a healthcare organization.

Intelligent hospital infrastructure enables healthcare management to stay competitive in terms of patient treatment, patient satisfaction and operating costs. Security and building management systems talk to one another to reduce the energy consumption in unoccupied rooms. Access control, infant tagging, CCTV and lighting work together to improve hospital security and safety. Building management, infection control, nurse call and patient entertainment systems are synchronized to create an optimal healing environment.


The integration of information technology in teaching and learning is a central matter in ensuring quality in the educational system.  Future ready schools and educational institutes embrace the advanced technologies from high-speed broadband to give student instant access to online educational resources, reliable wireless and wifi networks to support effective learning on mobile devices whether in group or long distant, audio-visual education tools including interactive whiteboards and digital screens to improve the quality of teaching and learning process. Benefits of IT deployment are not only limited in the classroom. Physical security systems such as access control and alarm management systems, intrusion detection, video security surveillance can be integrated in the school infrastructure to maintain high standard of safety and security for students.  

Systems design for corporate data centers requires expertise in IT infrastructures with a forward-thinking mindset and attention to detail.  We offer services including clean room design to match the centers data capacity, server rack design, cooling systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), traditional copper cabling and fibre as well as emergency fire systems.