Façade lighting for Vinhomes Tran Dung Hung mixed-use project in Hanoi

WGC celebrates its first step in Vietnam after being appointed as façade lighting designer for Vinhomes Tran Dung Hung, a large-scale mixed-use development in Hanoi.  The project is expected to become the most luxurious complex in the city, consisting of a business center, apartments, offices and a hotel.  Dynamic façade lighting will feature two main towers of a five-star hotel and a residential apartment.


WGC appointed audiovisual designer for the ultra-luxury One&Only Resort in Bahrain

WGC, through its partnership with Meinhardt Dubai, proudly announces its role as audiovisual designer for One&Only Resort in Seef, Bahrain.  The resort, under the development of Kerzner International and Seven Holdings, is set to define ultra-luxury in Bahrain made perfect for both business and leisure.  The property features luxurious guest rooms, exclusive beachfront villas and private estates, the resort’s signature spa, world-class dining and high-end retail outlets including meeting facilities and easy accessibility.  It is scheduled to welcome guests this year.

Photo credit: oneandonlyresorts.com 

Photo credit: oneandonlyresorts.com 

WGC to add One Za’abeel to its residential portfolio

WGC was awarded the interior lighting design and acoustics design contract by Design Worldwide Partnership DMCC for the One Za’abeel Residential Apartments located at World Trade Centre roundabout, Dubai.

The project is a part of One Za’abeel mixed-use development under Investment Corporation of Dubai.  According to Mohammed Al Shaibani, Investment Corporation of Dubai CEO, the unique complex will be an ideal hub of business community of Dubai due to its numerous facilities of five-star hotel, high-end residential and commercial towers, and its strategic location between the old and the new district of Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dear Architects: Sound Matters

An article on The New York Times written by the architecture critic Michael Kimmelman, touches on the very important topic that will motivate the design community to think about the acoustics dimension of architecture and its contribution to the overall experience of buildings or spaces. Often architects focus primarily on how the buildings will look like more than how they will 'sound' like.

Below are some powerful paragraphs taken from the article.

"...Nearly half a century ago, the critic Reyner Banham wrote “Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment,” in which he meditated on how heat, air, light and materials create habitats that variously influence our experience of buildings. He stressed the fact that such environmental considerations should be “naturally subsumed into the normal working methods of the architect.”

To Banham’s list can be added sound. We talk admiringly about green or energy-efficient buildings, with roof gardens, cross-ventilation and stairways that encourage residents to walk, because good design can aspire to improve public health. But we don’t talk nearly enough about how sound in these buildings, and in all the other spaces we design, make us feel.

Acoustics can act in deep, visceral ways, not unlike music (think of the sound of an empty house). And while it’s sometimes hard to pin down exactly how, there is often a correlation between the function of a place or an object and the sound we expect it to make."

Please follow the link sound-architecture.html to read the full article. 

Showroom Specialist Lighting


Lighting designed for Mercedes Benz showroom facility on Lumpini, Bangkok reflects the brand’s image of modern luxury while supporting presentation concept of the world’s most influential automotive brand.

A lighting concept is designed to promote a showcase of the Mercedes-Benz dynamic range. The interplay of diffuse and directional light presents vehicles in a desirable way. Diffuse light lends clear lines to reflective car bodies. Accent lighting, on the other hand, sharpens details and suggests vehicle movement. Excellent color rendering enhances the natural appearance of high-quality car finishes and materials. Fine visibility of well-designed lighting accentuates body contours and special paint finishes and helps establish customer’s trust, which importantly leads to decision to buy.

A showroom facility can consume a lot of energy. Daylight-based lighting control systems are recommended to ensure significant energy saving.  Lighting solution such as the use of LED luminaires help to keep the cost of energy consumption and maintenance low. 

At WGC, Blue Means Expertise

WGC’s corporate advertisement recently made its debut in the December’s edition of Commercial Interior Design magazine to partake in the celebration of Power List 2015 that highlights the 50 most influential creative professionals in the UAE design community.

Blue, the color of WGC logo, is used as the main accent color in the ad to reflect our design discipline of quality and trustworthiness.  “Expertly designed” has been the experience our clients receive with our design work for the past 7 years since the establishment of the company.  Our people take pride in being experts in our fields of design and strive to provide our clients with an invaluable design that not only goes beyond basic functionality but also protects brand standards and maximizes investment. 

Light to Remember

Advanced lighting technology makes it possible for lights to be used in creating festive joy or expressing solidarity.

Following the recent Paris terror attacks in November, world architectural landmarks and monuments including London Eye, Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the world’s tallest building Burj al-Khalifa in Dubai and others were lit up in blue, white and red, the colors of France’s national flag in tribute to the victims and in support of France’s determination to defy terrorism.

Dated back to 2001, ‘Tribute in Light’, a light installation was created in remembrance of the world’s shocking event at World Trade Center in New York City.  Two vertical columns of lights are projected into the night sky from the location near the site and could be seen on clear nights from over 60 miles away.  

World landmarks lit up in the French Tricolours.

Tribute in Light 

Tribute in Light 

WGC Featured in Commercial Interior Design Magazine

Commercial Interior Design, one of the top interior design publications in the Middle East, has recently published a story of WGC as a consultant that anyone in the design community, who is keen to find a one-stop shop for architectural lighting, acoustics and audiovisual design, should know.  The article appears in the magazine's December issue which runs its annual Power List of 50 aspiring interior designers in the region. 

Full text can be found below.  

WGC International

One-stop studio for architectural lighting, acoustics and audiovisual consultancy

WGC International is an innovative architectural design consulting firm, where it houses three design studios: lighting, acoustics and audiovisual. 

“We were originally established in New York in 2007, followed by Thailand in 2009 and currently operating in three continents including North America, the Middle East and Asia,” said Kenny Jackel, CEO at WGC. “Our portfolio shows a strong track record in hospitality, commercial, residential, corporate and healthcare sectors. Our clients are accustomed to a high-level of design details and services. We are known to show extra care and focus in the final stages of a project.

  Kenny Jackel, CEO at WGC

  Kenny Jackel, CEO at WGC

LIGHTING - WGC provides design consultancy for interior, exterior, façade and landscape lighting.  Our design concepts enhance mood, human wellbeing and the usability of architectural space.  The design team works hand in hand with designers and project managers from concept creation to design documentation to construction supervision to ensure the most viable results.

ACOUSTICS - The importance of acoustics in architecture is often overlooked, so the company always urges clients to utilize it services as early as possible within a project start-up as it becomes very complicated and expensive to include acoustics during the later stages.

Jackel said: “By involving us early on in the development process, our engineers can help contribute to the overall atmospheric quality of a project. While architects strive to create the visual beauty of a building, we come in to make sure the space has the proper acoustics quality for its function, whether it is creating a crystal clear concert hall to reducing the impact of noise and vibration in a five-star hotel or a hospital where patients’ comfort is vital to their health and recovery.”

WGC provides a full-service integrated design and consultation process to carry out the acoustics application and audits for an entire project including environmental noise studies, all forms of acoustics measurements, materials recommendation and construction detail development.

AUDIOVISUAL – WGC AV team merges technology and communication solutions to best suit different scenarios from professional recording and broadcast studios, entertainment venues and hotels to commercial and residential developments. 

“We provide integrated design and detailed construction documentation to carry out the audiovisual systems application. We consult clients for background music systems, LED screens or projection systems, ELV systems, in-room entertainment facilities and control systems, information display systems, audiovisual systems for banquette and meeting rooms,” added Jackel.

PROJECTS - As a lighting designer, WGC has been appointed to many important projects such as W Dubai – The Palm and The Alef Residences, serviced by this world-renowned hotel operator and located on the West Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. 

Lobby area at The Alef Residences

Lobby area at The Alef Residences

“This is a one-of-a-kind project considering its scale and design complexity. It gives us the opportunity to work among high-profile architects, interior designers and engineering companies,” added Jackel.

On top of that, WGC is also the architectural lighting and acoustics consultant for many development projects in the region including DoubleTree Bay Square Hotel, Riwaq Cordoba Mall in Saudi Arabia, and Non-Commissioned Officer Accommodations project in Abu Dhabi. 

DoubleTree Bay Square by Hilton 

DoubleTree Bay Square by Hilton 

Riwaq Cordoba Mall

Riwaq Cordoba Mall

“We are honoured to be working with this year’s CID Interior Designer of the Year, Maliha Nishat from dwp, for the W Hotel & Spa project as well as the One Za’abeel residence project in Dubai and Matthew Engele, dwp Design Director, for Belgrade Mixed Use project in Serbia, Seaview residential project and Wyndham Hotel in Saudi Arabia,” he added.

ONE-STOP SHOP - WGC aims to be the studio people go to when they look for a one-stop shop for lighting, acoustics and audiovisual design consultancy. Jackel said “By implementing advanced technology, we help clients save energy, comply with local regulations and standards, and more importantly, protect and make the most of their investment.”

WGC recently appointed Taemi Kim as its business development director. Kim is responsible for design community relations and project management and she can be reached at taemi.kim@wgcinternational.com 

GET IN TOUCH - WGC is located at Level 36, Liwa Heights, Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai (Tel: + 971 4374 1430). For more information, please visit its website at www.wgcinternational.com


Click here to download digital copy of the Commercial Interior Design December issue.

Acoustics is All Around

Anyone who has had the good fortune to have experienced naturally unique acoustics spaces such as caves, cathedrals or concert halls understands how these spaces affect our senses in a positive way. Two dynamic spaces with opposite acoustic compositions are Grand Central Station in New York City and Morakot Cave in Trang province, Thailand. The complexity of the acoustics present in both locations is nothing short of phenomenal.

Grand Central Station NYC

The Whispering Arches are a well know and sought out acoustics attraction but there are other impressive aspects of this busy train station. In the main terminal hall the large curved ceiling creates specific echoes that allow you find a listening position where you can clearly hear a conversation taking place at the other end of the station. Finding these acoustic anomalies can take time but in a quite moment its incredible what the ear can pick up.

The case of the Whispering Arches, this is all about fun. People come from all over the world to whisper sweet nothings across the room with their backs facing each other. Visiting the arches is a right of passage for anyone coming the New York City for the first time. The curvature of ceiling creates the perfect geometry for the sound to travel from one arch position to the other.

Morakot Cave, Thailand

Also called the Emerald Cave this is one of the most interesting of all acoustic spaces. Aside from its incredible beauty, traversing the cave is challenging. To get there you have to travel by boat which will drop you off in the crystal clear water at the mouth of the cave. From there you have to swim through the pitch black cave with strong currents and ebbing tides. The echoes inside the cavern range from ominous to menacing to tranquil and is always changing as the caves volume changes with rapid tide movements. Moving through the cave is a strange experience with our aural senses being relied upon to navigate darkness. Intense water and tidal sounds change our brains ability to understand direction, balance and distance. At the end of the tunnel we arrive in a sink hole filled with pure white sand and turquoise water. The sink hole is round with vertical rock walls and plant life extending at a hundred meters high or so. The acoustics here are so spectacular that it is hard to put in words. Every bird call or splash seems magnified and has a clarity and depth that is simple awe inspiring. 

Restaurant and Mood Lighting at Osha Bangkok

If we are asked to pick any type of spaces that lighting design can have a huge impact on, restaurants will be on top of the list.  We believe lighting contributes greatly to the overall restaurant experience.  Since 90% of the information received by the brain is through the eyes, the overall design and control of the lighting is crucial to delivering the “wow” factor that customers expect.
Getting the lighting right is of paramount importance for setting the mood of a restaurant. The lighting design work for Osha is considered one of our greater challenges, which brings the creative side of lighting design to the limelight.  

In order to compliment the restaurant’s splendid gold-on-purple theme of interior decorations, visual projection is brought into consideration.  Special techniques including light projection and 3D mapping are used for both interior and exterior areas to enhance a dramatic and delighting atmosphere of the restaurant in response to the intention of the owner.  Considering that Osha prides itself as a new fine dining venue of the city, a low intensity of light is required to create an intimate and leisurely atmosphere and imply a high quality meal.  By focusing lights on the dining tables this has helped to create more intimacy and exclusivity for guests.  

Light projection on the façade and interior ceiling details are considered the highlight of the project.  The video depicts the characters from Ramayana, a Sanskrit literary classic which has had considerable influence on Thai art and literature. These depictions were chosen to simulate the artwork on the restaurant’s interior.