Light to Remember

Advanced lighting technology makes it possible for lights to be used in creating festive joy or expressing solidarity.

Following the recent Paris terror attacks in November, world architectural landmarks and monuments including London Eye, Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the world’s tallest building Burj al-Khalifa in Dubai and others were lit up in blue, white and red, the colors of France’s national flag in tribute to the victims and in support of France’s determination to defy terrorism.

Dated back to 2001, ‘Tribute in Light’, a light installation was created in remembrance of the world’s shocking event at World Trade Center in New York City.  Two vertical columns of lights are projected into the night sky from the location near the site and could be seen on clear nights from over 60 miles away.  

World landmarks lit up in the French Tricolours.

Tribute in Light 

Tribute in Light