Restaurant and Mood Lighting at Osha Bangkok

If we are asked to pick any type of spaces that lighting design can have a huge impact on, restaurants will be on top of the list.  We believe lighting contributes greatly to the overall restaurant experience.  Since 90% of the information received by the brain is through the eyes, the overall design and control of the lighting is crucial to delivering the “wow” factor that customers expect.
Getting the lighting right is of paramount importance for setting the mood of a restaurant. The lighting design work for Osha is considered one of our greater challenges, which brings the creative side of lighting design to the limelight.  

In order to compliment the restaurant’s splendid gold-on-purple theme of interior decorations, visual projection is brought into consideration.  Special techniques including light projection and 3D mapping are used for both interior and exterior areas to enhance a dramatic and delighting atmosphere of the restaurant in response to the intention of the owner.  Considering that Osha prides itself as a new fine dining venue of the city, a low intensity of light is required to create an intimate and leisurely atmosphere and imply a high quality meal.  By focusing lights on the dining tables this has helped to create more intimacy and exclusivity for guests.  

Light projection on the façade and interior ceiling details are considered the highlight of the project.  The video depicts the characters from Ramayana, a Sanskrit literary classic which has had considerable influence on Thai art and literature. These depictions were chosen to simulate the artwork on the restaurant’s interior.