High Performance Studios

Audio Mastering & Recording Studios: High performance critical listening studios are among our speciality. WGC has created many professional mastering rooms and recording studios for both the music industry as well as for post production and internet broadcasting facilities. Highly specialized treatment of the geometry of the studio and interior acoustic design will be implemented to achieve a balanced, functional and cohesive studio experience.

Broadcast Studios: A variety of simulations and integration of latest technology are used to develop the desired attributes for a specific type of studio from radio to TV, film and post production. The studios can then be measured at various times during the construction to see how well the build is coherent to the predictions. Continual predictive analysis and on site measurement are done over the course of many studio designs and builds to find the acoustic sweet spot.


      Interactive AudioVisual       Systems and Displays

Video Projection Mapping: Multi-level projection from small to large format 2D and 3D visual mapping combined with specialized content. This emerging technology allows the projection of images over large areas and various surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments and creates dramatic results.

Interactive Audiovisual Systems: Immersive designs including 3D mapping and motion sensing where program content manipulation can be made possible with a wide variety of engagement.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Displays: Creation of large format facade and indoor and outdoor visual displays that distribute content in a variety of formats and orientations. 


audiovisual for Hospitality  

Hotel and Resort Audiovisual: Design of in-room entertainment systems as well as all hotel area sound and visual systems including digital signage and information displays. WGC specialize in banquet and ballroom system design, featuring automated multi-room flexible spaces.

Conference, Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms: Technology application across the spectrum of video and interactive conferencing. Quality presentation systems with high investment return on equipment procurement.

Commercial Audiovisual: Sound systems for retail stores and F&B outlets as well as distribution of audio, video and digital signage in airports, mixed developments and outdoor podium areas.


Control Systems

Control systems ranging from lighting, smart building control to theatre and residential smart home automation as well as advanced motion sensing and occupancy monitoring with energy saving designs.



Tailored closed-circuit television systems equipped with facial recognition programming and biometric access control for private residences, offices and commercial buildings.