Feasibility Studies

Architectural Acoustics: Central to the atmosphere of a space is the way sound reacts to the materials and geometry chosen according to the architectural form and function. Technical support provided to architects and interior designers to incorporate the correct amount of helpful materials to achieve the best sounding spaces cost effectively.

Acoustic Studies and Predictive Simulations: Competent due diligence on a potential construction site or an architectural design in the form of detailed analysis reports including environmental studies to 3D heat maps of simulated sound and noise flow.

Industrial Noise Isolation: Cost effective schemes to use only the necessary amount of materials to guarantee isolation of noise and vibration and creative predictive analysis to foresee the effects of various types of materials on the outcome of a project. 


Bangkok University



Broadcasting and Recording Studios: The performance of a studio is a highly specialized design criteria that along side interior design and architecture can deliver break out quality spaces that deliver the clarity and isolation necessary for excellent broadcasting. Recording studios require precision acoustics that enable the audio and video engineers pristine sound which allows them to prepare music and visual content with highly predictable and translatable characteristics.



Performance Spaces

Ballrooms, convention halls, multi-purpose spaces: Multiple technical disciplines are applied to create optimal systems. Combining audio systems, acoustics and visual systems into a coherent and easy-to-use facility is best suited to a design studio such as WGC that encompasses all of the technicians and designers to insure all of the systems work in perfect harmony.

Theaters and Concert Halls: Unique environments where acoustics, audio systems and lighting become a large part of how the venue is experienced.  When a person in the first row can hear as well a person in the mezzanine we then know that we have achieved our goal of balanced sound that will be valued for lifespan of the venue.